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Never too young to start saving

At SMW 104 FCU we want to make savings fun and rewarding! Open a new Youth or Teen account to start saving. All youth/teen accounts require a minimum deposit, have no monthly fees, and will get to choose from great prizes when opening! (While supplies last)

Super Youth Savings (Ages 0-12)

Help teach your kids the power of savings with their very own savings account! By starting them young you put them on the right path for a strong financial future, giving you peace of mind and helping them learn the value of saving for the future!

Youth Savings

• No monthly fees
• Minimum deposit of $5

Youth CDs

• No monthly fees
• Minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum deposit of $500
Earn up to 7% on deposits up to $500 for a 1-year CD!

Portrait of Primary Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Standing in a Line in a Classroom

Let's talk teens (Ages 13-17)

 Help your teen learn to manage their own money! When they set up checking/savings accounts, they gain access to online & mobile banking to easily track their finances. 

Teen Savings Account

Help teens get started saving and earning dividends on their money. A penny saved is a penny earned!
• No monthly fees
• Minimum deposit of $5

Teen CDs

• No monthly fees
• Earn up to 7% on deposits up to $1,000 for a 1-year CD!

Teen Checking Account

• Debit Card with a $200 daily limit
• Mobile & online banking
• 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide
• Apple Pay

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