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When you qualify to be a member at SMW 104 Federal Credit Union, please complete our online application below to start your membership.

Membership Eligibility

Who Can join

In addition to Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union 104 members, we recently expanded our field of membership to include “immediate family and household members.” This includes any relative by blood or marriage, including: the member’s spouse; parents; grandparents; children; the spouses of the member’s children; grandchildren; the parents of their spouse; siblings and their spouses; the member’s cousins; stepparents; stepchildren; stepsiblings; and adoptive relationships. Additionally, “household” is defined as “persons living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit.”

  1. SMART and SMW Local Union No. 104 District 1, District 2, and District 3; Regular members and apprentices
  1. SMART and SMW Local Union No. 104 Permit workers
  2. Non-bargaining unit employees of SMART, SMW Local Union No. 104 District 1, District 2, and District 3
  3. Non-bargaining unit employees of SMW Local Union No. 104 Joint Apprentice and Training programs
  4. Non-bargaining unit employees of SMW Local Union No. 104 Northern California Health Care Trust, the Supplemental Unemployment and Supplemental Health Care Plan
  5. Non-bargaining unit employees of the approved employers who are signatory to a collective bargaining agreement with SMW Local Union No. 104 District 1, District 2, and District 3
  6. Employees of BenSys Administrators
  7. Spouses of the persons who have passed away while within the field of membership of this Credit Union
  8. Persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from above employers, members of their immediate families, and organizations of such persons


Please contact our office if you are interested in opening an account and meet the eligibility requirements as stated above.

3In1 Control, Inc.

A & B Mechanical Inc.

A & J Refrigeration

A.I.M. Sheet Metal Inc.

Aaero Heating Inc.

ABCO Mechanical Contractors

ABM Building Solutions, LLC

Abovo Solutions LLC

Accel Air Systems, Inc.

ACCO Engineered Systems

ACCO Engineered Systems ‐ dba George H. Wilson

ACH Mechanical Contractors Inc.

ACI Mechanical Inc.

Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing Inc.

Advanced Piping Design LLC

Advanced Solutions Heating And Air Conditioning Inc.

Advnc Air Technologies

AGC Inc.

Air Conditioning Systems Inc.

Air Control Balancing

Air Systems Inc.

Air Systems Service And Construction

Aircal Heating & Sheet Metal Inc.

Airco Mechanical Inc.

Aire Sheet Metal Inc.

Airtec Service

All Bay Mechanical, Inc.

All Temperature Service Air Conditioning Inc.

Allied Heating Inc.

Alpha Air Balancing Agency Inc.

Alpine Mechanical Service Company Inc.

American Metal Products Inc.

Anderson Rowe & Buckley Inc.

Anderson Systems

Anning Johnson Inc.

Apex Mechanical Inc.

Arena & Sons Sheet Metal Inc.

Asco Service Inc.

Associated Air Balance And Certification, Inc.

ATS Products, Inc.

Automated Solutions Group

Axis Mechanical

B.N. Mechanical

Bay Area Balancing & Clean Rooms Inc.

Bay Area HVAC Inc.

Bay City Mechanical Inc.

Bay City Mechanical Service LLC

Bay Point Control

Bayside Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Becker Electric Inc.

Bel Air Mechanical, Inc.

Bell Products Inc.

Berlin Food Equipment

Best Contracting Services, Inc.

Best Roofing & Waterproofing

Big Pipe Mechanical

BIM Designs Inc.

Blocka Construction Company Inc.

Bogner Sheet Metal

Boneso Brothers Construction Inc.

Bos Sheet Metal

Botelho Welding Service

Botner Manufacturing, Inc.

Brady Air Conditioning Inc.

Brady Air Service Inc.

Brannon Inc.

Brice Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Broadway Mechanical‐Contractors, Inc.

Broadway Sheet Metal & Manufacturing Inc.

Brown Sheet Metal

Bullard’s Heating & Air Inc.

Burlingame Heating & Ventilation Inc.

California Air Inc.

California Sheet Metal

California United Mechanical, Inc.

Capital Sheet Metal

Carquinez Heating Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Center Plumbing Co.

CER Mechanical Corporation

Champion Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Circo System Balance, Inc.

City Mechanical, Inc.

Clinton Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Cold Craft, Inc.

Colton Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Comfort Air Mechanical Systems

Comfort Air, Inc.

Comfort Dynamics, Inc.

Congi, Inc.

Consolidated Metals & Fab Co.

Control Air Enterprises LLC

Critchfield Mechanical

Crown Sheet Metal & Skylights, Inc.

Custom Industrial Sheet Metal, Inc.

D & L Della Mora Heating, Sheet Metal, Air Conditioning, Inc.

Dahl Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

DDK Mechanical Inc.

De Bella Mechanical Inc.

Degree HVAC, Inc.

Deharo Mechanical Inc.

Delcon Heating & A/C Inc.

Dependable Sheet Metal, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

DKM Heating & Air

Dowdle & Sons Mechanical Inc.

Downing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Duct Mate Industries

EMCOR Mesa Energy Systems

Emcor/A.R.C. Service

Energy Mechanix Inc.

Environmental Systems Inc.


Extreme Air Inc.

F.M. Pearce

Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning

Fertado Heating & Air Inc.

Flanders Heat & Air Systems Inc.

Foothill Air Conditioning Inc.

Frank M. Booth Inc.

Fred L. Hill Mechanical


Genesis Mechanical Design, Inc.

Global Specialties Direct, Inc.

Greenheck Fan Corporation

Hardin & Sons, Inc.

Harris Bay Area, LLC

Heathorn & Associates Contractors Inc.

H‐Square Mechanical Inc.

HVAC Cad Services Inc.

HVAC Service Heating & Air Condtioning, Inc.

Hydra Ventures Inc.

I.E.S. Indoor Environmental Services

Icom Mechanical

Independent Air Balance, Inc.

Infinity Mechanical Inc.

Innovative Mechanical Inc.

Intech Mechanical Co. LLC

Izmirian Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.

J. Boone Mechanical, Inc.

J.M.S. Mechanical

J.R. Barto Heating

Jacobsen Alves Goodeill Inc.

Jeffco Custom Metals, Inc.

Jensen Mechanical Inc.

Jerome & Horner Sheet Metal Inc.

K & M Installations

K T Mechanical Inc.

Kamran Metalworks, Inc.

Kel Aire Heating Inc.

Kinetic Mechanical Service Inc.

Kinetic Systems

L. J. Kruse Co.

Large’s Metal Fabrication Inc.

Lawson Mechanical

Lefco Inc.

M.T.B. Incorporated

Marelich Mechanical Inc.

Martinez Sheet Metal Inc.

Matrix HG Inc.

Mauck Sheet Metal

McClanahan, Inc.

Mechanical Services LLC

Melrose Metal Products Inc.

Merit Metal Products


Mesa Energy Systems Inc

Mina Metals Company Inc.

Mirador Construction

Monarch Mechanical Inc.

Monster Mechanical

Montague Company

Monterey Mechanical Company

MSR Mechanical LLC

Murray Plumbing And Heating Corporation

N.V. Heathorn Company

National Air Balance Company

New England Sheet Metal And Mechanical Co.

Nicro, Inc.


Nor‐Cal Metal Fabricators

North Bay Commercial Services, Inc.

Northern Services Inc.

O.C. Mcdonald Company Inc.

Oakland Public Schools

Ocean Park Mechanical Inc.

Omni Sheet Metal Inc.

Orson Mechanical Co., Inc.

Otavilla Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Pacific Coast Balancing Inc.

Pacific Coast Trane Service Company

Pacific Test And Balance, Inc.

Pan‐Pacific Mechanical LLC

Paragon Mechanical Contractors Inc.

Patriot Contracting Inc.

Patton Sheet Metal

Performance Air Service, Inc.

Peterson Mechanical Inc.

Pinasco Plumbing And Heating, Inc.

Pioneer Roofing Organization

Pomi Mechanical, Inc.

Precision CAD Services, Inc.

Pribuss Engineering Inc.

Prime Mechanical Service, Inc.

Qualtech Mechanical Inc

R E Milano Plumbing Corporation

R J Mechanical Inc.

R&T Heating and Sheet Metal

R.M.I. Mechanical Inc.

Raglen System Balance

Ram Mechanical, Inc.

Reed Mechanical Systems

Rodriguez Sheet Metal

Rsanalysis, Inc.

Rutherford Co., Inc.

RVTdesk Inc.

Rymac Inc.

S & H Construction Inc.

Schafer’s Sheet Metal & Manufacturing Inc.

Service Metal Products Inc.

Silicon Valley Mechanical, Inc.

Simpson Sheet Metal Inc.

Simpson Strong Tie, Inc.

Smith Heating & Air

Southland Industries

Standard Sheet Metal Mechanical Contractor

State Sheet Metal Works Inc.

Stiles Custom Metals

Strategic Mechanical, Inc.

Stumbaugh & Associates Inc.

Superior Duct Fabrication

Superior Mechanical Services Inc.

T.A.B.C.O. Inc.

Terminal Manufacturing

Therma LLC

Thermal Mechanical Inc.

TM Mechanical Company Inc.

Top Notch Mechanical, Inc.

Town & Country Heating And Cooling

Tradewinds Cooling LLC

Unison Comfort Technologies

United Mechanical Contractors Inc.

Val’s Plumbing & Heating

Van Mulder Sheet Metal Inc.


Verdegaal Heating Inc.

W.A. Call Manufacturing Co.

Wagner Mechanical


Wellmade Manufacturing

West Coast Mechanical

West Coast Test And Balance

Westcal Design and Build Inc.

Western Allied Mechanical Inc.

Western Engineering Supply Co., Inc.

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