Online Banking Coming Soon!

NEW ONLINE BANKING NOW LIVE! We’re getting a new online banking platform to make it easier for our members! With a whole new look and functions, accessing your account has never been easier. LOGIN NOW So What’s Coming? NEW FEATURES A modern, consistent look and feel across all your devices, simplifying how you manage your […]

Improve Your Credit

TIPS TO IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT Evaluate your budget Instead of applying for more credit to get additional money, take a hard look at your budget. Figure out ways to cut out unnecessary spending and try to make bigger payments to current credit card bills and loans. Larger payments will reduce the amount of interest you […]

“Bank” From Anywhere

ONLINE OPTIONS WHILE YOU’RE ON THE GO Being a member of SMW 104 Federal Credit Union means you have the ability to do your banking from anywhere in the country. When a branch office isn’t a convenient option, we’ve got your back! Online banking and mobile app services are available 24/7. Through these digital services, […]

New Budget Tools

WE’VE GOT THE TOOLS TO HELP Spending money can’t be avoided. You NEED to pay for food, clothes, housing, utilities…and the list goes on. What happens though when you start spending more than you have? It’s called overextending yourself or living above your means, and it’s not uncommon. A 2017 study by said that […]

Should I Refi?

LOAN AND REFINANCE OPTIONS Raise your hand if you’d like to save some money this year! If your hand is raised (and why wouldn’t it be?), we’re happy to tell you that SMW 104 Federal Credit Union can help you put more of your hard-earned cash back into your pocket. Refinance Current Loans Did you […]

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