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Keep your account information safe!

Criminals are finding new and clever ways to access your account information and money. Be suspicious of anyone calling you requesting access to your account information or Online Banking login. When in doubt – CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 800-464-5987!

Protect your ACCOUNTS

  • Avoid opening emails from unknown senders. SMW 104 FCU emails will come from, “”
  • Be skeptical of anything that tells you they need “immediate actions.” 
  • Double check you are on before entering a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code. If you have any concerns, return to our website and click through the links on our web pages to ensure they are correct and secure.

SMW 104 FCU will:

  • Send Transaction Alerts –­ Near real-time transaction alerts delivered to your mobile device.
  • Require Touch and Face ID for enabled devices.
  • Provide Two-Factor Authentication – A code will be delivered to you outside of the platform to verify your identity. Do not share these codes with anyone.
  • Verify who is calling you so you are comfortable that it’s really us who is contacting you. If you are more comfortable calling us back, please feel free to hang up and call us back at 800-464-5987.

SMW 104 FCU will NEVER:

  • Request any login information including your Online Banking user ID, Online Banking password, PIN or other personal information by phone call, text or email.
  • Log in to your account or ask to remotely connect to your device to see your account information on your computer.
  • Ask for your full credit/debit card, PIN or account numbers. 
  • SMW 104 FCU will not send urgent requests for your account number or online banking information via email or text.

If you believe that you may be a victim of a recent fraud attack or want to report a recent suspicious communication that you’ve received, please contact us at 800-464-5987 or send us a secure message through digital banking. You may also submit a non-urgent concern through our contact us form on our website, but please do not include any personal information.